Hello! I am Alice but my real name is Jozsef Armin DEZSI. I have been doing tattoos for very long now, that is I started this back in ’93 – ’94 but I used a real device only in year 2000. That is why I consider that is when I really started to do tattoos. Before this I tried out almost everything: from tattooing with bare hands, to using domestic devices, till I was able to buy my first real equipment. I have been drawing since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed drawing. Then in 2000 I went to Budapest – Hungary to find work as a tattooist.

I went into the first tattoo salon I saw and I underwent a test. The result was so very good that the respective artist allowed me to stay with him and agreed to train me. It was he who taught me the trade and eventually I looked for my luck in several European countries (Italy, Spain, France). This was a 3-year period of experience and proficiency build-up. And I ended up in making a living out of this. Now I am working in my hometown. I invite everyone to my modest home in Oradea, and soon to my own tattoo salon.

Moreover, whoever in this wide word is in need of a partner, I would be willing to fly over for a little trade swap over. In my works I follow Freehand, Cover and Realistic Portrait styles. I speak Hungarian, Romanian, Italian and English. Feel free to call me for whatever information you need in connection with my work or my person.

I warmly recommend Romania to foreigners as it is an inexpensive country, and that goes also for tattoos. The price of a tattoo here plus the travel expenses equal the price of a tattoo in the western countries. Get here with confidence – the quality as well as the hygiene are a guarantee!